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How Tim (Electrical Engineer) spotted his next career opening

Tim came across Contract Awards News from our Weekly Newsletter that Company S has just won a contract to setup 2 oil refineries in Saudi Arabia. He sends his job application to them knowing that he has a higher chance of securing his next job.

How Suzy (Head of Sales) identified her next hot sales lead

Suzy is the head of sales at a company that supplies offshore drilling equipment. She created a Personalized Newsboard that filters for Drilling sector news. Suzy noticed a Press Release that Company X has just been awarded exploration rights to Nigeria. She identifies this as a hot sales lead and reaches out to her contact.

How George (Senior Management) used industry trends to guide his business strategy

Through our Mobile App, George is notified about Company E moving into a new country. This latest news helps him to see the opportunity to expand his company’s operations and to guide him with business strategies.

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  Where are the articles coming from?    
News and press releases published on the OGLinks portal are aggregated from across the internet. The content is curated from over 4,000 sources (news and corporate websites worldwide) to provide you with maximum coverage on Oil & Gas under one roof.     
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Real-time. Articles come in as soon as they are published on our curated list of Oil & Gas-related sources.      
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Registration is currently free. Once you register, you will gain access to "myNewsboard" where you can add, edit, and delete any keywords that you'd like to follow. You will also access features such as our bookmarking tool - where you can save headlines that matter to you, and read exclusive content via our Insights blog. To find out more, register today while it's still free.     

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CarZ World Testimonials

"Before, it used to take me hours to sieve through different websites and portals to look for Oil & Gas updates. With OGLinks, I can filter the kind of headlines I want to read that would help me scour for job openings suitable for my experience. Thanks, OGLinks!"

John BatangasStructural Engineer seeking for opportunities

"Instead of hiring firms to monitor reports on our company in the media, we use OGLinks. Their easy-to-use personalization feature helps us filter out news that mentions on our company. We can also track what our competitors are doing to help us stay ahead of our peers."

Lisa DurmanPR & Marketing Executive

"We are a small Oil & Gas consultancy firm that's always on the lookout for new projects to bid for. The features OGLinks provides are free and help to keep my team updated on the latest projects that our company can benefit from."

Dev ManickamCEO

"OGLinks gives access to current news that is relevant. Saves time and helps make better decisions."

Andreas D'SouzaExecutive Director

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